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Let our highly experienced attorneys provide you with proper legal representation. Blankenship Law Firm P.C. in Muskogee, Oklahoma, also assists in family-related cases such as child custody, adoption, and divorce. In addition, we are a debt relief agency that helps individuals under the bankruptcy code. Our law office also covers the following areas:

General Civil Litigation | Class Actions | Estate Planning | Insurance | Medical and Dental Malpractice | Personal Injury, Accidents, and Wrongful Death | Social Security | Wills and Probate | Business Cases: Bankruptcy | Workers' Compensation | Corporate or Employment Law

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We understand that the law and legal situations can be confusing and difficult to understand. This is why we established an online legal help center. We aim to educate the public by answering general legal questions. Note that none of the information provided in the help center should be used for professional legal advice or opinions.


Relying on online information to solve legal problems is not advisable. We recommend asking for help from our reliable attorneys. Get in touch with us to get started. We will immediately schedule a consultation session either in the office or via phone call.